COX Easiflow 400ml Mastic Gun

£5.99 + Vat

Designed for use with low viscosity sealants and adhesives, the Cox Easiflow is ideal for DIY and semiprofessional users.

Strong rigid metal frame for easier use at maximum load, compared to plastic versions.

Tough epoxy coated paint finish which is hard wearing and offers scratch resistant tool surfaces.

Robust catchplate design to maintain a high level of material output, for the working life of the tool.

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Cartridge volumes: 310ml and 400ml

Plated metal components which improve corrosion resistance.

Built-in pressure relief device (PRD) to stop material flow when trigger is released.

Wear compensation sleeve that protects the catch plate contact area, to reduce long term rod wear.

Curved rod end (ladder hook) for convenient storage.
Excellent value for money.

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