Illbruck TN573 Glazing Window Tape P275 10mm x 1mm White

£8.35 + Vat

TN573 is a 1 mm thick, self-adhesive PVC foam tape with pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive, supplied on an easy to use roll.

It can be used in narrow gap widths, to provide an effective weather seal even with only a low level of compression.

Sealing Tape P275
Excellent Insulation performance against shock, vibration and movement
Provides an effective weather seal against wind and rain, even under minimal levels of compression
Provides a barrier to thermal bridging, galvanic corrosion and acoustic transmission


How to prep for the P275 Tape
Ensure bonding surfaces are free from irregularities and loose particles which may impair adhesion.
Dust, dirt and grease can be removed using AT115 Solvent Cleaner. Where substrates are sensitive to solvent attack, clean with warm water and allow to dry.
The substrate must always be dry before application of the tape.

Application of the P275
The exposed adhesive face should be unwound gradually, and carefully located onto the surface of the substrate. Care must be taken to avoid compressing or stretching the tape during location – this could induce peeling forces and cause the tape to lift from the substrate.
Once the tape has been positioned then apply even pressure throughout the length using a roller, starting at the centre and moving to each end to avoid stretching.
With double sided tapes the protective release film is not removed until immediately prior to joint assembly.
The assembly must provide sufficient force to compress the tape by 20% of original thickness for security applications and 30% if weatherseal performance is required. Over compression should be avoided.
Joints may be made by mitring corners or butting the tape ends tightly together. In all cases the tapes should be cleanly cut at slightly longer length than required to ensure compression of the joining faces, and formation of a tight joint.

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