Siroflex SX Polyflex HM Polyurethane – Black

£5.99 + Vat

What are the benfits of using the Siroflex Polyflex HM
High mechanical performances
Permanently elastic

Where can i use the Polyflex HM?
For interior and exterior waterproof joints in building and metal constructions. For gluing, sealing, mounting and anchoring in building applications. For use in metal and mechanical construction, ship building and container sealing joints, refrigeration plants, automotive, caravan, mobile home, aircraft and the railway industry.

Shelf life, In unopened original packaging between +5°C and +25°C, shelf life till 12 months after production date, stored in a dry place.


Siroflex SX Polyflex HM Polyurethane
One component moisture curing high-modulus polyurethane
A one component, moisture curing, paintable, high modulus polyurethane sealant and adhesive.
It has excellent adhesion to most building substrates and is fast curing with permanent and durable elasticity.

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