Winbag WIN-BAG MAX 250 Hand Operated Inflatable Air Cushion

£27.50 + Vat

Winbag WIN-BAG Hand Operated Inflatable Air Cushion (250Kg Capacity)

The WINBAG Max packs a powerful 250 kg of lifting pressure, ideal for those larger projects of leveling windows, installing cabinets, positioning heavy doors and so much more.

The WINBAG Max includes a longer pump tube of over 1.8m with a suction pad to secure it to a surface. The WINBAG is made from extremely durable fibre reinforced material, allows for one-hand pumping to inflate the Winbag plus a one-handed safety release valve for easy use on site.


Winbag WIN-BAG Hand Operated Inflatable Air Cushion (250Kg Capacity)

Ideal for window installation, positioning heavy doors, levelling furniture, kitchen cabinets and household appliances.

Saves time installing windows.
Leaves joints empty and ready for sealing when installing windows.

Soft air cushion prevents marks and protects surfaces.
Effective pump lets the air do the job.
Can be used in conjunction with shims and wedges.
Enables even large projects to be done easily by one man.
Durable and reusable.

Load Capacity: 250Kg (300 lbs).
Joint Width: 2mm – 50mm (3/32″ – 2″).
Material: Fibre reinforced.

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